Still Plugging Away!

I haven’t written for a month and a half!  I am still plugging along on my keto, but I have kinda stalled, not gaining but not losing either.  But I am not giving up.  Hopefully, I will start losing again soon.  Although I haven’t measured, i know I have lost inches.  My newer jean are getting looser, and my shirts are sliding off the shoulders.

Work has been extra crazy and stressful.  Life in general has been pushing the limits!  Still, next week is spring break andI am heading out of town for some much anticipated R & R!  A friend and I are returning to a favorite mountain get-away! I can’t wait!




In truth, I try to live a balanced life, taking the good with the bad. And when dealing with the dysfunction that sometimes surrounds my life, I try to remain positive. But honestly, when I try to shove the pain and heartache into a dark corner, far, far away from my emotions, I often create an emotional train wreck that can throw my world into turmoil.

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My Horribly Rotten no Good Week

You will find a joy in overcoming obstacles.

–Helen Keller

Loss.  Sadness.  Pressure.  Discouragement.

Life.  Joy.  Peace.  Hope.

Somewhere deep inside, I witnessed a crack to my inner peace, a chink in my armor. With all the outside news, deadlines I have to meet for two college classes, work I must complete with curriculum changes with my teaching position, and just the responsibilities of life, my week was stressful and overwhelming. Continue reading “My Horribly Rotten no Good Week”