In truth, I try to live a balanced life, taking the good with the bad. And when dealing with the dysfunction that sometimes surrounds my life, I try to remain positive. But honestly, when I try to shove the pain and heartache into a dark corner, far, far away from my emotions, I often create an emotional train wreck that can throw my world into turmoil.

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My Horribly Rotten no Good Week

You will find a joy in overcoming obstacles.

–Helen Keller

Loss.  Sadness.  Pressure.  Discouragement.

Life.  Joy.  Peace.  Hope.

Somewhere deep inside, I witnessed a crack to my inner peace, a chink in my armor. With all the outside news, deadlines I have to meet for two college classes, work I must complete with curriculum changes with my teaching position, and just the responsibilities of life, my week was stressful and overwhelming. Continue reading “My Horribly Rotten no Good Week”