Baby Steps

Well I am back in keto, and I have lost a whopping one pound..yep one pound…lol….well at least the scales didn’t go up!

I survived a crazy week at work. And I got hurt. While students were moving through the hall, I got caught in a whirlwind. Someone tripped, stepped on the back of my shoe, and run into my lower back. With my back injury, I was out of sync for a few days and back to using my trusty cane. After a restful weekend, I am back on track, ready for the week ahead. I will just take care when maneuvering the hallways.

As the days pass, I am getting excited about my Christmas get-away. Manitou Springs at Christmas will be a relaxing and fun-filled mini vacation. It is such a beautiful area, and I have not visited the town for too many years.


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Enjoyin’ this Christmas Season on the Bright Side!


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