Grammies, Keto, and Sit Ups!

So how does a fifty-something grammy with a bad back and who happens to be overweight, do 100 sit ups?

Aww…simple….I do them in the therapy pool at my local YMCA. With my recent lifestyle changes, I wanted to make sure I added exercise. Since I had some adjustment issues during the first three weeks with my new way of eating, I waited until my fourth week before I hit the water once again. During my adjustment period, I did have more energy, but I also noticed exercise was exhausting! However, I had stopped exercising on a regular basis for about a year before I started keto.

It feels wonderful to be in the pool again. Last night I worked up to my 100 sit ups. When I do sit ups in the water, I use two empty water jugs, gallon size, and hold them at arm’s length. Next, I lie back in the water and begin my sit ups. The jugs keep me afloat. Great for the core which will help with back pain…and it will help with the belly flab. Win, win!

Lovin’ the water and still lookin’ on the bright side!




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