Mountain Get Away

My weekend get away with my daughter was so much fun.  We stayed two nights in Maysville, Colorado in a quaint cabin.  The area was breathtaking, and to our delight autumn’s glorious display was spectacular.

We grabbed lunch in Salida at a little hamburger diner that also served boozy shakes.  I enjoyed the burger with the Swiss cheese and portobello mushrooms.  I also had the boozy mud slide shake.  Leslie had the caramel apple boozy shake with the added fireball.  We ate on the patio since the restaurant allows dogs.


Once we arrived at the cabins we unpacked the car and took a walk around the area.  A stream ran through the back of the property and the area was covered with aspens, all in various shades of yellow, gold and orange.   Pine trees also graced the area. Later that evening, we soaked in the hot tub.

The next day we took off exploring since we wanted to visit two ghost towns,  Vicksburg and Winfield.  We enjoyed our drive into the mountains.  We hit Vicksburg first.  The area still maintained several cabins from the early mining days.  Birch Trees lined the main street along the cabins.  It was such a beautiful sight and the little town was cozy and quaint.  Winfield was also a lovely little mining town nestled at the foot of Mount Shavano.  I enjoyed the one room school, for it still had all the desks and teaching supplies safely tucked away inside the small building.  On our way back to the cabins, we spotted mountain sheep too. Our excursion that day was enjoyable.


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Later that evening, we headed to Salida for dinner.  Leslie found a little sports bar that served dinner and sold Colorado Craft Beer.  It was a first for me, I had an expresso beer, but tasted Leslie’s pumpkin beer.  They both were tasty.  Since I had not had fish and chips for such a long time, I decided to try their entry, and I was not disappointed.  Leslie had the grilled salmon and the jambalaya.  Since I had never tried jambalaya, I tried hers, and it was delicious.  We laughed and talked and later went shopping.

The weekend flew by too quickly, but my daughter and I promised this would become an annual event.  We enjoyed our Mother/Daughter weekend.  I have missed spending one on one time with my baby.

On another note, I did gain five pounds that weekend, but as of today, I have lost four of those pounds!  Wahoo!  Not too shabby for cheating for four days in a row!

Lovin’ life on the bright side!


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