Yes, I Cheated

Since I will be gone this weekend, I am posting a little earlier than normal.   As of this morning I have lost another pound, 28 pounds in total.

Yesterday, I cheated for the first time since I started.  I am still fighting the flu and yesterday, I had an allergic reaction to some of my meds I used for a sinus infection.  I had a rash, and dizziness which made me feel as if I were spinning. I began sweating and felt extremely hot.  My stomach ached, and I felt nauseous. My doctor’s office requested that I pay them a visit.  All meds were stopped.  On the way home, I still felt queasy, so I stopped at Sonic and had a cherry lime aide and a few french fries.  Today I ate soup, for I still haven’t felt the best.  Still, I must admit, I enjoyed every spoonful of my potato soup.

Tomorrow, my daughter and I will head to the mountains, so I hope I am better.  Maybe the mountain air will help!

I am not worried about falling off the wagon.  Tomorrow is a new day.  And I am pleased with my progress.

Lookin’ forward to some fall adventures!



brown potato in front of french fries
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5 thoughts on “Yes, I Cheated

  1. Really liked the way you took things 😁 i used to feel so guilty after eating something I shouldn’t. Now I also try to remember that it is just 1 day, maybe even just 1 meal and that it doesn’t erase all the previous days or the one’s to come 😋

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