Keto Slang and Nonscale Victories

Well, I fixed my scales…well kind of…just needed a new battery…but according to the reset, I may have gained three pounds!  I feel as though I am starting over.  My calming mantra has burned within and has reminded, “I’m in keto…I’m in keto…I’m in keto.”


Somewhere in my chaos, I had a tape measure, and I need to find it.  Yesterday as I pulled on my jeans and grabbed a favorite T shirt, I noticed they were not as snug, another NSV.

Since I have started my keto WOE, I discovered some great benefits to this lifestyle.  My energy has greatly improved.  In the mornings, I have felt rested; this is a huge win since in the past, sleep was not an easy task.

Each morning, I have brewed my own version of a BPC and at times, I have even added HWC for a pleasing bonus.  Usually, I have discovered that I am up before the alarm.  That extra time in the morning has provided a sweet time to read, write, and relax before I begin my day.

With keto, my LC meals have been satisfying; I haven’t felt as if I’m starving all the time.  Since I hate to cook, I found easy meals that require little effort or clean up, which is a huge plus since standing can often bring discomfort, especially after a long day at work.

While following my new WOL, my hair hair has simply glowed!  It has become so healthy and shiny.  Wahoo!  Who knew this grammy’s hair would look this good.  TMI?

Most importantly, my new LC WOL, has offered a new start.  It has helped ease the pain of arthritis and as my OWL continues, it will thwart the danger of diabetes since it tends to run in my family.   Finally, I have realized, KBB!

Without a doubt, I am definitely  lookin’ on the bright side!





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