In Case of Emergency

For three days now, smoke has filled the air. My lungs ache and feel as though I am getting a chest cold. I have had to take over the counter sinus medication to relive this sinus pressure for all the congestion created by this smoky environment. It’s summer in Colorado, and currently, ten active wildfires are burning across our state.

On Thursday, smoke and ash from The Spring Fire, drifted north. Last night, the fire grew in intensity and exploded from around 4,000 acres to nearly 2,4000 acres, and windy conditions and rough terrain pushed firefighters away from this dangerous scene. Over two thousand people were evacuated from Forbes Park and shelters were set up in nearby communities.

Yesterday, closer to home, a fire flared 15 miles south. The Stonemoor fire burned around 137 acres, and a few homes were evacuated. The local news informed of reversed 911 calls and mentioned evacuation plans. A concerned friend called and inquired if I had an emergency exit plan. As the fires burned closer to home, what should I do? In case of an emergency or diasater, are any of us really ready to flee at a moment’s notice?

Well after visiting several sites, I discovered I am definitely not prepared to evacuate, but I did find a comprehensive list at Build a Kit. And today, when I shop, I will begin buying plastic tubs and start preparing for future emergencies. I will make copies of important papers. And while I know how to turn off my water supply, I do not know how to shut off the electricity or the gas. I have a few things to learn!

As I checked the weather for today, cooler weather is order, and we may even have some rain. Please rain! And please God keep our firefighters safe!

Prayin’ for rain on the bright side!










Photo by Matt Howard on Unsplash




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