Well, Darn!

Huh? No! No! No! No!

I couldn’t wait to weigh myself this week, so I could see how much I have lost.  Today marks two weeks!  I am not sure how much I weigh, for my digital scales are not working correctly.  Each time I weigh myself, I receive a different number.  So I am not sure if I have lost or gained weight!  Well, it can’t be too bad because the good news is I am in ketosis!  So I will take that as a sweet victory for this week.

The diet has been an easy one to follow, even when I went out to eat this week.  I planned ahead, and I brought my own salad dressing.  To help add fats, I bought MCT Oil.  I like to add it to my salad dressing.  I must admit I do not like to skimp on salad dressing, so I add the oil to my dressing. I feel like I am indulging without adding the extra carbs!  I also add the oil to my morning coffee.

Although at first, I enjoyed MyFitnessPal, I have stopped using it.  It does not work for me anymore.  I can’t upload information, and every time I try to perform a new operation, it asks for my login information.  I finally gave up an decided just to write it all down.

My energy levels, for the most part, are great although yesterday I was tired, but again, I forgot to take my daily vitamin.  Guess I need to leave a sticky note on the fridge!

And it looks like I will be shopping today.  I think I’m done with digital scales; I’m going vintage!

Still lookin’ on the bright side,





Photo by i yunmai on Unsplash

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