One Week Down!

Although it was tough, I didn’t weigh myself for one week.  Today when I hopped on the scales, I found that I had lost seven pounds!  Now, I realized that most of that came from water weight, but I feel I am off to a great start.

After my bout of “keto flu,” yes it’s a real thing, I found the Atkin’s Diet has been easy to follow.  Unlike other diets I have tried, I have not had any hunger issues, except for the first day.  In all honesty, I am not sure if I were famished or just missed snacking.  To make sure that I was covered for any snacking issues that might pop up, I bought pork rinds and diet A&W Root Beer.  Until last week, I had given up soda, but I felt like I needed a backup plan in case of cravings.  It worked, and my liter of soda lasted all week.  The bag of pork rinds, however, did not.  My cravings have not been extreme, so on that front, for now, I am doing okay.

My favorite drink this week, besides my new found homemade recipe for a sports drink and the A&W of course, has been coffee.   I drank a large coffee with half and half and a dollop of whipped cream!  But a word of warning, I discovered one large coffee is all I can handle; otherwise, one becomes a night owl.  My tolerance for the beverage has changed.

Also, I realized the importance of staying hydrated and making sure I included a sports drink to maintain my electrolytes.  That may have been my problem and part of the reason I had the “flu.”  Once I discovered I needed electrolytes, I looked online and found several recipes.  The one I used was simple.  Plus, I already had the ingredients that I needed.  I used Crystal Light and salt.  I had the tub size, peach flavored Crystal light, the size used to make a pitcher.  I took 2 pinches of Crystal Light, a pinch of salt, and added it to a 16 oz bottle of water.  It was easier to drink some of the water before I added my ingredients.  Then I, shook the bottle until the Crystal Light had dissolved.

Finally this week, I also joined an online support group on Facebook.  That was such a huge help.  They were supportive and encouraging.  Their posts were amazing!  Many shared their progress, and it was so motivating to see the before and after pictures.  What really caught my eye was how much younger and healthier everyone looked.  Honestly, they glowed!

Well, here’s to one week down on the bright side!



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