Friends and Keto

My energy levels dwindled today, and I am tired.  But I had a hard time sleeping, which I also found keto followers experience.  I need to watch the caffeine and add magnesium to my diet.  I “cheated ” today and went to McDonalds; I ordered coffee with cream and a sausage egg McMuffin.  My pups ate the muffin.  Kinda fun to know, I can do that once in awhile, and that I still have ways to eat out with friends.

No No No No No!

Speaking of friends, they are great at helping keep one accountable and on track.  My best bud, Barb, that lives too many states away, knows how to keep me on track.  Her constant encouragement and friendship has been a source of strength for me since sixth grade!  So of course, I had to include her in my healthier living phase.

Another friend called me last night and shared my enthusiasm when I explained that I had dropped seven pounds.  But P has an ornery streak a mile long and started telling me all about his breakfast that included chicken fried steak, sausage gravy and home-style fried potatoes!  When he told that his taters were not quite crispy enough, I began my tirade and let him know that I was about to climb through the telephone lines and “tune” him up!  Laughing, he conceded and stated he would behave himself.  Oh that man!  I had to remind myself of all the reasons why we have remained friends over the years!

Lookin’ on the bright side!



Photo by Seth Doyle on Unsplash


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