Workout Routines for Mermaids

For as long as I can remember, I have always loved the water, and I was lucky enough to grow up on an island in the San Francisco Bay.  Most days I was always near the ocean since my home was only a few blocks away from the nearby beaches. Even my grade school and high school were situated near the calming blue waves  During breaks, the sounds of seagulls and crashing waves were just steps away, and I would often enjoy watching the sea life and sailboats that that moved along the sunlit ocean.

Allie Smith ~ Unsplash

As a child, I would sometimes adorn a long flowing skirt over my swimsuit and whirl through the water, while pretending to be a mermaid.  At the age of four, my mom enrolled me in swimming lessons, and since that time, I have enjoyed my inner mermaid.

Mariano Nocetti ~ Unsplash

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Currently, this marine lover also needs to continue to lose weight, so it makes perfect sense to me to workout at the local pool at my YMCA.  Water aerobics is a great way to tone, lose weight, and condition the body.

In addition, it also provides a low impact workout, so this form of exercise is perfect for the elderly, the overweight, and those that suffer with chronic pain.  And just for the record, while I am now a senior citizen, I am not quite in the elderly category just yet, but I do fall into the other two categories; I am overweight and live with chronic pain.  Working out at the Y assists with the weight loss, and it helps ease my chronic back and neck and shoulder pain, for many of the exercises involve working those core muscles that help strengthen my back.

Before I launch into my routine, I make sure to complete my stretches and warm-ups before I begin.   Then, I start with strength training exercises.  I use water weights to help build and restore muscle while the water offers resistance and provides a great workout.  YouTube has some great videos to teach the public about this training.

Once I finish, I use the water weights as a floating devise and I float on my back and begin doing crunches and then side twists.  With my back and neck injury, I would never be able to perform these movements on the floor.  Exercising in water has made it possible for me to complete various activities once again.

To get into shape, I know I must also include cardio too, and that’s when the water aerobics take place.  Although the Y has water aerobics, it does not always work with my schedule.  I am familiar with this program since I taught water aerobics years ago.  Still, I watch videos to find new workouts that I can include in my exercise routine.

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On another note, regular bathing suits do not feel comfortable when I work out.   The skimpy suits do not provide adequate support for women that are “blessed,” shall we say, in the chest area.    And the excessive bouncing tends to be uncomfortable.  But this year, after losing weight, my old suit no longer fit, so I had to purchase a new bathing suit.  Looking at the latest designs, I am excited to find that bathing suits have evolved over the years.  My new suit is perfect for exercising in the water. It is a two piece with a tunic and shorts, and I can also wear a sports bra under the shirt for added support and comfort.  Since I am creeping up the age scale towards sixty, this gramma feels more comfortable in this attire, and I prefer it over the skimpy suits of the past.  By the way, Roaman’s Plus Size Clothing clothing carries this water wear.

Allie Smith ~ Unsplash

Now, when looking for an exercise regime, water aerobics is an excellent choice.  Many areas offer aerobic classes which often includes strength training.  The classes are fun and lively as energetic music booms in the background.  In addition, taking a class is also a great way to meet new people.

And as for me, well the water still tends to bring out the kid in me. My inner mermaid still appears now and then as she trims and tones so this gramma can get her groove back!

Keep on splashin’ on the bright side,




Cover Photo by Bruce Christianson on Unsplash

Photos by Allie Smith on Unsplash



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