My Keto Journey

Four months!! I can’t believe I haven’t written in four months. I am still doing keto, but I must admit I have become discouraged since I have stalled pretty much since January. My weight has fluctuated a little, sometimes up and sometimes down, but I pretty much just flatlined.

Still, I noticed my clothes were getting looser, and I have dropped several sizes, and people commented on my weight loss. Yet, those pesky scales would not budge.

The day of my birthday, July 4th, I decided to cheat, and I headed to Dairy Queen for their S’mores Blizzard. Unfortunately, it did not stop there, for an entire week, I cheated. I went to dinner with a friend and ordered mac and cheese with my steak. Another day I stopped for an All-American dog at Sonic and decided to order a strawberry shake to go with it. Each day that week, I broke all the keto rules.

But my rebellion cost me, not in pounds…I only gained two…but with my overall well-being…those added sugars and carbs made me achy and lethargic…I couldn’t wait to start my healthy way of eating once more.

Since that time, I lost the two pounds I gained, plus an additional two pounds. And I feel so much better!

On Tuesday, I took my measurements, and I was shocked! Since I started keto, I have lost a total of 34 inches, nine inches from my waist! To date, I have lost 43 pounds. I am wearing a size 16 in jeans; I used to wear a size 22. With my shirts, I am now wearing a 3x instead of a 5x. While I still have a long way to go, I am thrilled with what I have accomplished.

After 13 months on this journey, I am still looking on the bright side as I keto on…




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