Birthday Dinner

Yesterday, my daughter called me and told me she was having my birthday dinner at six, a day earlier than planned  It was a sweet surprise!  

Since she knows I am on a low carb diet, she prepared a scrumptious meal, tailored to my needs.  We had glazed salmon, cauliflower rice with lemon and garlic, and salad.  For my birthday treat, she surprised with a low calorie treat.  In the past for my birthday, she always made my favorite, black forest cake.  This year, she made a black forest truffle that was still low carb!  It was heavenly!  And it was decadent!  She even placed two candles on my dessert that read twenty-nine!  Recipes will follow.


My kiddos also gave me an insulted lunch bag, so I can take my healthy lunches to work.  She had a Denver Bronco theme in place, and inside my Bronco lunch bag, I also found a Bronco coffee mug, and a Bronco key chain.  I loved spending time with her and my grandchildren. It was the perfect birthday celebration.


Feelin’ blessed on the bright side!


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