Joyful Expectations

Well, after three weeks, I must say I am digging my new way of living.  This morning when I weighed myself, I discovered that I have lost 10 pounds!

The first week was rough since I caught the keto flu, but after, I realized I was dehydrated and discovered I needed electrolytes, I added my own version of a power drink to my diet, and the symptoms quickly disappeared.

I had a rough day my second week when I went out to eat because I did not plan my meal ahead of time.  Now, I have learned to look at a menu ahead of time.

To prepare for the new school year in August, I have found easy recipes that I can make on the weekends and meals I can prepare in the crockpot.  For me, I have found planning is key.


I have discovered some wonderful perks along the way…

  • I am not constantly hungry.
  • I have more energy.
  • I am sleeping better at night and wake refreshed.
  • My levels of pain due to a back injury have decreased, especially my arthritis symptoms.
  • I have enjoyed mental clarity.
  • I believe I am keeping Type II Diabetes at bay, especially since Type I runs in my family.
  • I am losing inches.  My pants are baggy, and my T-shirts hang off my shoulders!
  • I look forward to becoming more active.
  • I have hope for a healthy and happy future.


Lookin’ on the bright side,




Photo by sydney Rae on Unsplash

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