Support Groups

It’s like a big, crazy, dysfunctional family....

Support groups can be helpful in maintaining a new lifestyle.  For me, the before and after pictures, the antidotes, and recipes have given me an additional push to help me stay on course.  Since my life is usually pretty busy, I found two motivational groups on Facebook.  When I went through keto flu, they quickly offered helpful solutions, and because of them I didn’t quit.  On the day I went to lunch and had too many carbs, they reminded it happens and encouraged me to get back on the horse.  When I shared a weight loss victory, they cheered me on.

Screen Shot 2018-07-07 at 2.10.05 PM
One of my favorite before and after pictures

They have discussions on dirty keto, lazy keto, and strict keto.  Who even knew those categories existed?

They sometimes make me laugh, and sometimes they make me cry because they have shared incredible stories.  A few have beaten the odds.

Girls share about the latest on their relationships.  Some tell how things have heated up; others inform how some men have been dogs.  The women in the group are right there rattling their opinions, and telling the girls to stand their ground.  It’s like a sisterhood of strong women that have a common goal, and weight loss is not even the most import item on the list.  Instead, women promote a healthy lifestyle and a positive self image.  I’m hooked!

Some get in trouble for being snarky, and admin admonishes and threatens a 24 mute.  Some scold when they think others are not listening.  Some laugh at your mistakes and then share their own misadventures. They laugh when you laugh and cry when you cry and share their hearts and their concerns.  It’s like having a big, crazy, dysfunctional family that has to put in their two cents into the equation even when you are not sure you need or want their advice.  But at the end of they day, we keep coming back because we know we share a common theme.  We all want to make our lives the best they can be. We want to be strong, and we want to be healthy.  And we know, at the end of the day, we have someone in our corner cheering us on.

Smilin’ on the bright side!




Photo by Tim Bennett on Unsplash




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