Holding On

I am getting behind on my blogging!  Work keeps me hopping! I stalled with the weight loss until today.  I lost another pound, so I am down 21 pounds.

Still, the inches are coming off.  My shoes are getting too big!  And eight weeks ago, I started taking measurements of my bust, chest, waist, thigh, knee, calves, upper arm, and forearm, and I have lost seven inches.  When I started in June, I wore a size 5x T shirt, ad it was snug.  Now, I am wearing a 4x.  I was wearing a size 22 in pants/jeans.  Today I am wearing a size 18 in jeans!

I have not been swimming in weeks, and need to get my butt into gear.  Work is taking up so much time and energy, so I need to come up with some ways to add exercise.  I really want to add swimming at least three days a week.

Although my work schedule keeps me busy, I still have been able to follow my new way of eating!  Although my job tends to be stressful, I am not stress eating!  And I do not fell so run down since returning to work.  I’ve got this!

Keepin’ up on the bright side!


appetite apple close up delicious
Photo by Pixabay on Pexels.com


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