Thanksgiving Break

DSC03788In a cozy mountain cabin, while sitting before an inviting fire, I am drinking my morning coffee.  My pups are snuggled under their favorite blanket, and I am thinking about my time spent in my mountain get-away….what a magical Thanksgiving break.

The darkness of the night has faded as the morning light begins to peek over the mountain tops.  The white bark of the aspens create a striking backdrop against the nearby cabins.  On this chilly morning, a light snow falls, adding a new layer to this winter wonderland.  This peaceful setting makes me wish for just a few more days

Still, In time, I will return again to enjoy another season of mountain splendor…maybe in the spring and definitely this summer…or I just might find myself homesick for another quiet moment in the mountains, and I will find my way back for a long weekend at Creekside Chalets and Cabins.  This place has become one of my favorite places, and I can not wait to return.

This week I found rest and relaxation as I enjoyed the local sights with a dear friend.  Although Perry and I have frequently talked on the phone, we have not seen each other in years.  Our reunion was a sweet one.  We laughed and visited, and walked the pups and enjoyed the fresh mountain air and beautiful mountain scenery.  We explored the old downtown of Salida and its beautiful buildings.  And we dined out at some great restaurants and met some wonderful new people.

My sweet friend already left to make his way down the mountain.  We have shared many years of friendship, seventeen in all, I have been blessed, for I know I have someone in my corner.  Over the years, this kind man has become my family, and I am grateful that I met him all those years ago.

On another note, I cheated two days this week.  We ate at a lovely little spot called Currents.  We had a wonderful lunch of fish and chips that was the best I have tried and I was a Cali girl that has enjoyed seafood on the west coast.  We also enjoyed a craft beer, a pumpkin ale that was wonderful.  The best part of the deal was that we met a wonderful guy, Diamond Jim, that was our bartender.  He and Perry talked and realized they knew some of the same people from “back in the day.”  Small world.  Without a doubt, I will return again to enjoy a lunch of fish and chips!

We also relished a great breakfast at The Patio Pancake Place in Salida that has been in business for forty years. The busy mom and pop style restaurant served homemade delights that we immensely liked.  The pancakes were fluffy and sweet, and the tasty, unique flavor made me want to have one more cheat day.  They served so much food I had to bring half of the food back to the cabin to save for later in the day.

Salida and Maysville brought so much joy this week….wish I didn’t have to leave!


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Screen Shot 2018-11-23 at 6.12.34 AM

So I guess it’s also safe to assume, I am no longer in ketosis!  No scales at the cabin, so I will not be posting the damage this week.  Oh well, back to behaving….starting today.

Enjoyin’ this Mountain Splendor while Livin’ on the Bright Side!


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