Uh Oh!

Excuse me, I didn’t fall off the wagon.  I jumped!

Ooh!  I didn’t plan well for today’s adventure, and I fell off the keto wagon big time!

So Let me back track just a little.  Yesterday, I found MyFitnessPal that tracks your carbs, proteins, sugars, fat, and calories.  I really like this handy tool, for I can even look up items on its site, and it calculates everything for me.  However, I did notice that I have to watch because sometime it makes mistakes.  I have to double check, but it saves foods that I normally eat, so I have a quick and easy checklist that I can just click on, and in a jiffy the work is done.  Plus, at the end of the day, it tallies up everything and shares projected weight loss estimates on your daily eating habits.  Now, I also found other sites too; however, some I would have to pay a monthly fee and most required a a special phone or gadget.  Time to fess up, this grammy is a dinosaur, and I do not even own a cell phone!  So this one works for me.

Okay, now to my keto disaster.  Months ago, I met a sweet gal through work, and I wanted to take her and her daughter to lunch.  After several attempts and one broken leg that required two surgery, hers not mine, we finally found a time we could connect.  My buddies wanted to eat Mexican food, so I thought no problem, I will eat a salad.  Well, if I had a phone and checked, I would not have ordered the carne asada salad.  While the company and the lunch were wonderful, the carb overload was not.  This grammy nearly had a coronary!  The lunch totaled 16 carbs!  So yes, with today’s final total, I broke the bank. I was in the hole, deep in the red Live and learn.

After I noticed my big uh oh, I went to my online support group.  Once I saw what a member had posted, I had to laugh.  She had provided some great keto hacks when going out for meals.  Better late than never!  And yes, I think it’s time I came out of the dinosaur age and just buy a damn phone already!  Everyone keeps telling me I need one for emergencies, and today, well, it would have diverted my keto crisis!  At any rate, next time, I will request a location before we eat, so I can plan accordingly.  And yes, the extra work and calculations are really worth it!  But I must admit if I were going “to cheat,”  I would have preferred something decadent like like a triple chocolate cheesecake!


Still lookin’ on the bright side,









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