A Drunk Polar Bear

So I was looking for some low carb summer drinks, and I found a recipe called a Polar Bear.  I wondered how it would taste with a little Jack.  It was wonderful; hence, a Drunk Polar Bear was born.  Warning!  I you are like me, after keto, a little alcohol goes a long way!


  • 12 oz. of Diet Coke or 12 oz. Diet Coke with vanilla
  • 2 tablespoons of half and half or heavy whipping cream (I used the HWC)
  • 1/2 tablespoon of sugar free vanilla syrup.  I used this.
  • 1 shot (1.5 oz) of Jack Daniels


  • Fill a glass with ice and Coke, leaving room at top for the extra ingredients
  • add 1 shot of Jack
  • Slowly pour the half and half or cream and the syrup into the coke
  • Gently stir and whala, one Drunk Polar Bear


Just the Facts Ma’am


A Drunk Polar Bear with heavy whipping cream

  • 202 calories
  • carbs .8
  • fat 11.2
  • protein .6

A Drunk Polar Bear with half and half

  • 144 calories
  • carbs 1.2
  • fat 3.4
  • protein .8


Feelin’ slightly tipsy on the bright side!


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